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Directly at the showroom: Villa 704, Street No. 19, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City (Close to METRO supermarket, An Phu )
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1. For orders placed using Cash on Delivery (COD) as the payment method, customers can reject the goods if the goods do not conform to the quality commitment
2. After receiving the goods, if you are not satisfied, please simply return your purchase to our showroom within one weeks of purchase, you are welcome to return your undamaged, unscratched, to receive a full refund.
- Upon receipt of the order confirmation, we will contact you within 2 hours.
- Customers in HCMC, we deliver within 24 hours
- For more distant customers, depending on the distance, we will use the appropriate service (immediate delivery system, mail, or other
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Product Categories Wooden Boat
Ferrari Hydroplane boat models - MNV-SBFHP50P
Model ships carrying STATSRAAD LEHMKUHL - MNV-TSSL80-P
Model Cutty Sark cargo vessels 70cm MNV-TSCT70W
Model yacht Queen Elizabeth 2 MNV-TB12 (reservation line)
Model ships carrying natural wood France II (body 80cm) MNV-TB02
Model of ancient war ship HMS Victory (hull 80) MNV-TB32
Mercedes Benz model boats
Model of ancient war ship Le Soleil Royal (body 80cm) MNV-TB28
Product Categories Lacquerware
Jewelry box MNV-SPCC1
Apricot jam 4 compartment boxes painted peach - MNV-SMA 44/5/4
Cradling lacquer MNV-SPSM18
The trio orange lacquer box MNV-SMA 494
Wine Country lacquer stems MNV-CRSM03 / 1
Jar of cherry drawing 3 feet (multicolored) MNV-QT19
Tray 4 jam containers - painted bird Tet gifts MNV-QT99
Lacquer tissue box MNV-HKG05
Product Categories Planter
Water hyacinth planter MNV-F8
Balcony Planter set MNV-F4
Ratan sofa set MNV-F14
Armchair MNV-F10
Balcony planter MNV-F3
 Frabric planter MNV-F7
Planter MNV-F1
Frabric planter MNV-F6
Product Categories Sea grass basket
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_04
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_02
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_08
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_06
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_05
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_01
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_07
Sea grass basket FDV-SEA_03
Product Categories Tradional Lacquer Painting
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-8
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-5
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-2
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-7
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-11
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-4
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-3
Tradional Lacquer Painting MNV-SMA97-6
Product Categories Advanced Lacquer Painting
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-05
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-04
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-06
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-02
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-07
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-01
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-08
Advanced Lacquer Painting FDV-ALP-03 || Furniture and Decorative products of Vietnam - An International Buying Agent in Vietnam